Social Media

Using Pinterest to Market Small Business

Successfully marketing a small business using Pinterest is a technique that many looks at as the new thing in business. The problem is there is a silent majority who feel out of their depth when it comes to new sites. Pinterest and other social media sites seem to intimidate those who feel they aren’t computer savvy, but it shouldn’t. This article will go over the basics of using social media to promote a small business.

First, invest in quality. This will always be true no matter what age it is. If a business has a quality product, it will generate interest. If the product is not good, there is very little that marketing can do to help it in the long term. This is even truer in a world with the internet. Bad reviews and news of product faults spreads much faster than good news, and count for much more. The 99 clients that walked away satisfied are not likely to say so, but the 1 customer who isn’t will complain and shape the perception of business for the entire online community. Invest in the product first.

Secondly, invest in the creation of good media to share. Social media is exactly what its name suggests. It is a way for people to share media files that interest them. Articles, videos, pictures, websites. Social media thrives because people enjoy sharing what catches their interest or compels them. Therefore, the best way to generate business using sites like Pinterest is to ensure that the business is generating compelling content.

Third, have a good website. A business’ website is its storefront and is more important than the physical space the business is located in, especially for a start-up business. But having a good website isn’t enough when it comes to social media as it requires always having something new to share. As stated above, businesses will have to invest in creating a good copy of their product.

A small business may want to hire a photographer to create interesting images about its product or service, or how it has affected the lives of clients. The goal is to be creative, and generate content around but not necessarily about the product or service being marketed.

Businesses will also want to maintain a blog that they then share on Pinterest. For example, a business selling tax software should ensure that it puts out a story about the recent IRS scandal. A business should strive to be a source of information about the field it’s in as well as a source of a service. This will drive traffic to the company, and it will ensure that the clients view it as an authority to be trusted.

Lastly, a business can’t afford to treat its clients as clients on social media sites. That means that they can’t only be treated as a group to sell too. Successful use of social media will mean “Liking” and commenting on other’s Pinterest boards in order to generate traffic back to a business’ own.